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Purchasing a boat in Croatia has several advantages. The breathtaking Adriatic Sea coastline of Croatia offers unrivaled sailing experiences, with access to scenic routes and a variety of places. The nation’s expanding tourism sector guarantees a consistent flow of prospective charter customers, optimizing the financial gains from owning a yacht. Furthermore, Croatia’s Mediterranean environment, which boasts more than 2,600 hours of sunlight a year, makes it the perfect place to sail all year round, resulting in consistent yacht usage and profitability. Owners can have hassle-free ownership with expert maintenance, concierge services, and charter management when they use reliable yacht management services. Furthermore, investors can feel secure knowing that Croatia abides by stringent environmental protection and maritime safety requirements as a member of the European Union. All things considered, purchasing a yacht in Croatia not only yields financial gains but also presents the chance to live an opulent lifestyle amidst stunning coastline scenery and exclusive marinas.



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SeaForce Yachting specializes in the sale of new and used vessels, providing expert yacht brokerage and consulting services. If you plan to buy a new yacht, contact us, and we will offer you the best solution, adjusting it to your wishes and demands.

Leave the process of buying a vessel to SeaForce Yachting, who will be your guide through this experience. Our Sales and Aftersales Department is here for you in order to do all the hard work, starting with negotiating with the factory through bureaucratic issues, transport, and finally setting up the Charter Management Program.

If you want to buy a new Lagoon or Beneteau, you can check out some models directly at our base.